These Shoes Were Made for Walking

I have an admission to make. I do not like shoes. There is nothing wrong with shoes. It just takes me hours to find a pair of shoes I like. For example, 7 years ago for my friend’s wedding, it took me 12 stores to find a silver pair of high heels. Now, they were pretty and worth the price 🙂

Having now cleansed my soul, I’ve been thinking about shoes lately. These days I am either in sneakers (for everyday use) or high heels (for interviews). I find sneakers take me to more places.


With the lovely weather we are having, I’ve been walking a lot more. These shoes are taking me to places unknown. They take me to the grocery story, for some shawarma, to the gym, and even down to the beaches. They are so comfy that I just keep walking both to get exercise and clear my head.

However, these shoes are not only local. They took me to Barcelona where I walked on Las Ramblas, took in Parc Guell, and ate Tapas (okay, I may have worn heels for tapas).

Where will these shoes take me to next?


The Lost and Found Lemon

My boyfriend’s little sister (I call her little because she is only 20) recently bought an iMac laptop. This was her very first big purchase and she was very proud of it. We were there when she bought it and the look on her face can be compared to buying a puppy – awestruck, not quite knowing what to do with it, but so very happy!

One day she left it at the wrong place at the wrong time and it got stolen. After reporting to campus police (it was stolen at the university) and Toronto police, we didn’t have much hope it would ever be returned again. Then this happened:


The next morning her laptop pinged. Somebody was trying to get into her computer. We only had one hope. With the receipt in hand, serial number, and unique keyboard stickers she had on her keyboard, we rented a Zipcar and followed the map to the flea market.

The flea market was huge but we went to each of the computer vendors asking if they were selling Apple laptops. Approximately an hour into our detective work we found a vendor who was trying to sell her laptop for $900. We checked the serial number and funky keyboard stickers and sure enough it was hers.

At that point we called the police. Unfortunately they could not get there until after the flea market closed. We were afraid someone else would buy the laptop so we struck a deal with the vendor that we were soon going to come up with the cash. The merchant was nice enough to give us his home address and let us know that when we get the money together to just drop by and he would give us the laptop.

We relayed the information to the police and they went to his home. We asked to come along (hey, we were deeply involved!) but he said no due to safety reasons. The result: the laptop is now safe and sound with its rightful owner.


The melon always wins!

The Lemon Joins a Gym

I finally gave in and joined a gym. I hesitated for a long time for many reasons:

  1. I thought I could do it on my own and for awhile I did. I did HIIT up the stairs to Casa Loma…then it got cold 😦
  2. It was expensive
  3. I didn’t want to work out with others. It was something for me, not a joint exercise

As my HIIT hit the cold streak, I became a wimp. Actually I became a lemon in need of a melon solution. I huffed and puffed and finally decided to bite the bullet and join the gym. GoodLife Fitness fit the bill. It had all the equipment I needed plus the classes were included. Bonus was that it was close to my house. I swallowed the monthly fee and joined figuring it was a value add like a really good suit. I put the gym pass on my key chain and off I went.


This lemon got quite a shock. For the first week all I saw were people who were in great shape. They were either body builders or fashion models. Every morning that I went, I was hoping I would see a person with at least 5 pounds of extra weight. For a week I worked with a combination of America’s Top Model and men from GQ. I finally had it and asked at the front desk where all the non-model people were. I have to admit they did look at me strangely but did reply that maybe it was the season.

Finally on the 8th day I saw the melon I was looking for. I was on the treadmill when I looked beside me and the woman who was on it was at least 5 pounds over (ok she was more than that but all I needed was minimum 5 pounds). I wanted to go over and hug her, to bond over the fact that we are beautiful and not a size zero. As the days turned into weeks, I saw more of a mixed crowd. Oh yes, the models were still there but so were the elderly and people who were models in their own right – modelling their own beauty.

Ode to Music

The first genre of music I ever remember hearing was classical music. A little background…

After my mother got her Masters in Music, she became a classical pianist playing in symphonies all around the world. I entered into the world hearing Mozart, Bach, and Ravel. My mother would often play the piano in our family room. I was the fortunate one who was taken to hear almost every concert live from Bolero to Beethoven’s #9 to Mozart’s #41. The best part was in the middle of a concert my mom would whisper in my ear that this was the piece she used to play with a glee in her eye. I’ve seen the Nutcracker and almost every Opera at least twice thanks to my mother. I recently took my mother to the TSO, specifically for a Mozart piano concerto. It was a highlight I will never forget. I kept the tickets as a memento


As I got older, my brother decided to take over my musical education. Him being the older (and sometimes wiser one) educated me in Soul, R&B, and Alternative. From Aretha Franklin to Nirvana to Moxy Fruvous. These were lessons in history, lyrics, and tempo. To date these are one of my fondest memories of my childhood. Being in my brother’s room at the tender age of 10 (he was 14 but to me he seemed older) and going record through record, turning up the volume, and stopping the song when he thought there was something important I should take note. To this day, I know more useless information about music than most.

That all changed when I turned 14. I started liking New Kids on the Block (I was a Jordan Knight fan) and my education quickly ended.

As time passed my musical taste really amalgamated into something beautiful. A plethora of Blues, Pop, Latin (classic guitar), and classical.

Barcelona in Barcelona

I had the immense pleasure of visiting Barcelona and was blown away by it’s beauty. Having previously lived in 3 countries and travelled to over 20 countries, Barcelona left me awestruck. The wonder and amazement of the architecture, the friendly people, and the food was enough for me to want to live there. Gaudi’s passion reflected in his work from La Sagrada Familia to Parc Guell.

IMG_0109  Park-Guell-in-Barcelona-Spain

We did do the touristy attractions such as Las Ramblas,watched an authentic flamenco performance,  went to the market, and of course picked up some gift items. One of my all-time highlights was seeing Barcelona play. Watching Barcelona play while in Barcelona was indescribable. It is so much more than watching the Leafs or Blue Jays play. The fans were more than supportive, they were actual commentators and fans not only of the game but of the players.

I am genuinely fascinated with Barcelona. From the diagonal parking, to the structure of the city, to the Catalans love of oil. I know, one day, I will be back…and I will speak more spanish 🙂

The Irony and Complexity of Food

I love food. I mean, I really love food. I love everything about it – the look, the taste, the texture. It is an intriguing phenomenon that haunts me in my dreams. I’ve dreamed of food.

So, why doesn’t food like me back? I look at the foods below that taste so yummy and I wonder how can something that looks so scrumptious be so bad for you?

IMG_1387  IMG_1631

When I was a kid, I had this very unrealistic wish (one could wonder if all wishes are unrealistic but that is a topic for another time). I wished that I had a 24 hour period of time where I could eat whatever I wanted and never gain weight from it. Unrealistic lemon. From a self confessed foody, this would have a been a great wish come true. However, as most lemons have melons as solutions I have to do what is the latest buzz word – portion control. I’ve done everything to make my wish come true, even wishing upon the first star at night reciting those famous words:

“Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.”

Didn’t work.

I guess portion control really is the melon, the middle ground to my wish.

Adventures in Finding the Perfect Slippers

You would think finding slippers would be easy. Find the right size, colour, and style. For me, it was not that easy. First of all, I have to make an admission. I have big feet. Size 8 1/2 and sometimes a 9 on a 5″3 frame (ok really 5″2 3/4 but I like to round up). So when I decided to go shopping for slippers I knew it would be an adventure. A little hint into how difficult it was going to be. For my friend’s wedding in which I was a bridesmaid, it took me 12 stores to find the perfect heels.

So many choices! All I wanted was nice comfy slippers that I didn’t feel I would fall in. As I went into the shoe section I was surrounded by fluffy choices.

IMG-20141216-00082   IMG-20141216-00083

What’s a girl to do? They were all fluffy and soft. Kind of looked feminine, until I tried them on. My lemony big feet made those princess slippers look like big foot. I was in a dilemma. I had big feet. My feet won’t shrink. I need slippers. So, I did what any melon would do. I bought bright pink puffy ones.


They look enormous but they are comfy and soft and very pink. My melon 🙂